The Solidarity Fridge is an open and collaborative project aimed at reducing food waste occurring at households, grocery stores, restaurants, events with catering, etc. Our mission is to facilitate a sharing and collaborative culture, creating the proper infrastructure (with open fridges and pantries), in order to prevent good food from ending up at the trash can. With Solikyl we can not only reduce waste, but also make it easier for anyone who cannot afford buying food or who cannot stand seeing good food going to waste and who want to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Think of the Solidarity Fridge as a good idea. And as any good idea, it can (and should) be copied and adapted to different places in order to have a real impact!

How does it work?

An open fridge or pantry is a point of redistribution, where food from individuals or a grocery store can be stored  temporarily until it finds its way to someone’s stomach, instead of just being thrown away. These redistribution points are open to the public, to anyone who wants to either leave or take food from it, with no money or reciprocity required. Cooperating partners, such as supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants etc., can also donate food to the fridge/pantry, picked up on a regular basis by foodsavers. It’s up to us (including you, if you wish!) to take on the roles of keeping the fridge clean, picking up donated food, inaugurating fridges in different neighborhoods, etc.


Solikyl is inspired by the Foodsharing movement in Germany, where the idea was born and was quickly spread across cities in Germany, as well as in other German-speaking countries. Fridges and pantries can be found in different neighborhoods within big cities and the movement itself is comprised of almost 20000 engaged people and more than 2900 working partners.