Gothenburg has now four Solidarity Fridges! (and more to come)

Solikyl at the Transition Workshop (Omställningsverkstan)

We moved from this place! More info coming soon...

Kortedala Free Shop

At Tusenårsgatan 17. Stop Kortedala torg or Runstavsgatan (tram 6,7 or 11)

Opening hours: Sun 11-14

Bike Kitchen Gamlestan

Lars Kaggsgatan 35. Närmaste hållplats SKF.

Opening hours: 
Sundays 15:00 to 18:00
(+ another day of the week)

Solikyl Mötesplats Backa-Brunnsbo

Folkvisegatan 14. Närmaste busshållplats Balladgatan

Tisdag 14 - 17
Torsdag 14 - 19
Possibly open other times if there are other activities happening there
OBS: During summer, from 29 june until mid-august the place will be close. We'll announce if Solikyl itself will open up the place for any event or food distribution.

Second-hand shop Miljöfyndet

Check opening hours at their website or facebook-page

Would you like to have a Solidarity Fridge close to where you live? Contact us! kontakt ‘at’ solikyl.se